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Costa Rica Adventure Tours Packages – Authentic Way to Explore and Experience Costa Rica

Costa Rica adventure tours packages are exhilarating. But how to take full advantage of these packages and how exactly these actually work? All of us must have read a lot about the country and seen the beauty of Costa Rica in photographs shared by our friends or in some anonymous posts! Isn’t it? The photographs are such enticing that we wish to make a trip there at least once. However, several questions haunt our minds while planning for Costa Rica all-inclusive vacations. The following are the two most common questions that people have in their minds. Check these out to make your Costa Rican tour the most exciting and memorable one –


  • How the Costa Rica adventure tours packages work?

Working with an adventure tours specialist like Tour Operators CR makes you worry free and relaxed when it comes to planning a vacation in Costa Rica. Their Costa Rica adventure tours packages include everything from your transportation to accommodation and everything in between. With such reliable and expert tour operators you can experience the best of your trip and enjoy to the fullest without any hassle.

Whether you want to try out hiking, zip lining, water rafting or any other adventure to satisfy your adrenaline rush, you can get everything out of these tours packages. The adventure tours in Costa Rica are a balanced combination of relaxation and adventure. Explore and experience Costa Rica, its culture, tradition, nature and everything in the most authentic way by trekking through the native land and enjoying the local cuisine.


  • How to have the best experience?

To experience the best in Costa Rica the most essential factor is, understanding what you actually need and your experience level without getting distracted to the activities that thrill you! This will help your tour operator in planning your itinerary accurately. Information such as your weight, age, and height and experience level is used for determining the type of adventure you can try out enjoyably. For instance, the class of rapids that you can handle and the size or temperament of the horse you should ride and likewise can be determined according to the information you provide.

Usually there is a misconception that the most experienced folks enjoy the most and greatest adventure stories to share! But that is not true, even beginners can have the most exciting adventure experience as you will be taking part in the activities based on your skill level. This will ensure that you are safe while enjoying to the fullest.


However, adventure tours are not just experiencing the thrilling adventures but also exploring the beauty of Costa Rica including the flora and fauna in the most amazing way. So the final tip will be – make the most of your vacation in Costa Rica by choosing the right tour operator!


Tour Operators CR provide the most authentic Costa Rica adventure tours packagesthat include everything from transportation to accommodation. So make your Costa Rica all-inclusive vacations the most memorable one consider them as your tour partner. For more details regarding the packages visit

Making the Most out of Costa Rica Vacation Getaway

Costa Rica is world-renowned as one of the most spectacular destinations for vacationers from all around the world. The splendidly beautiful lush rainforests boasts amazing wildlife and pristine beaches that appeal thousands of visitors every year.

Though Costa Rica may be one of the smallest countries throughout Central America, it’s naturally diverse and remarkable habitat for spectacular natural sightings. Here are a few exciting things you need to consider doing on your next getaway in Costa Rica:

Arenal Volcano National Park and La Fortuna

Well-known as one of the most active volcanoes around Costa Rica, the beautiful Arenal Volcano is indeed a sight to behold. Consider visiting La Fortuna, a small town located near the base of the volcano. You won’t have any regret of experiencing its sheer beauty. Take this chance to stop over at the magnificent Hot Springs – a tropical paradise where you can unwind your mind, body and soul!

Tamarindo Beach


Situated along the north of Pacific Coast, Tamarindo and its surrounding beaches are the easily accessible beach towns around Costa Rica. Tamarindo boasts crystal clear turquoise water and pristine weather conditions. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations for good reasons as it has a little something to offer everyone.

Whether you are looking for adventure-filled getaway for family or seeking for romantic getaway on honeymoon, Tamarindo has incredible amenities and serenity of other destinations in one locale.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park

Planning for guided tours and activities in Manuel Antonio? Manuel Antonio would be surely a crowned winner. With over 140,000 visitors on an annual basis, Manuel Antonio National Park receives more number of tourists than any other national park in Costa Rica.

When you sink your feet into the soft white sand of Playa Manuel Antonio and jump into the gentle, turquoise waters, this is the reason why vacationers flock here. Taking tours and activities in Manuel Antonio allows you discover striking tropical beaches, great arrays of wildlife and birds, rich dense forestation, and easy accessibility. This national park is one of the most popular tourist attractions around Costa Rica.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

The spectacular Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is shrouded in clouds with an exceptional air of mystery to it. It’s an exceptional mountain rainforest where the level of humidity is 100%. In addition to, Monteverde stands out as the home to more than 3000 plants and animals species.

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park is a stunning turtle breeding ground on the Caribbean Coast and is the habitat as well as the nesting ground of four of eight species of marine turtles around the world. This national park is well-known for its meandering rivers and lagoons and the home to the endangered West Indian manatee species.

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa

The small beach village of Santa Teresa is situated in the south of the Nicoya Peninsula, almost at the tip and along the north of the Puntarenas Province. This beach is popular for best surfing opportunities around the country. Blessed with utmost privacy and seclusion, Santa Teresa is often known as paradise and the perfect place to get away from everything.

Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park and Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo has a lot more things to offer – from world class surfing opportunities, snorkeling, diving among the reefs in the blue waters to mountain biking, horseback riding and cultural tours to indigenous people. Nearer to Cahuita National Park, you will find largest and only coral reef that combines beautiful beaches with lush coastal rainforests to give a truly amazing atmosphere to bask in.

Bottom Line –

Do you really like these destinations that you want to consider for Costa Rica vacations? Please contact Tour Operators CR and let us help you plan your vacation getaway in Costa Rica! Please share them in Tour Operators CR Facebook page and Twitter Feed!

How Do You Plan Your Visit to Tortuguero National Park?

Hotels in Tortuguero Costa Rica

Costa Rica stands out atop of everyone’s bucket lust. It seems really hard to imagine any party of this tropical paradise could still seem remote. Though there are so many places to visit in Costa Rica, Tortuguero National Park is the destination you should plan a visit.

Even, you will get to choose from the available best hotels in Tortuguero Costa Rica and plan your vacation getaway in the best way as possible. But why do you visit Tortuguero National Park? Please check out this post and know why:

The exceptional watery landscape and off-the-beaten allure of Tortuguero allow you experience the remote rainforest and you will find significantly smaller number of crowd you’d elsewhere. Even, it’s one of the best places in Central America to spot turtle nesting up close.

Tortuguero is located in the heart of the jungle and is your typical resort vacation destination. This Costa Rica destination offers a complete rainforest experience from the very beginning to the end and you need to know a few important things before visiting there.

Hotels in Tortuguero Costa Rica

You should plan for a turtle tour.

You can take a visit to Tortuguero from July – October. This means, you can watch the nesting and hatching of sea turtles during this time. Costa Ricans take pride in their natural resources and they want to do the same.

You need to bring non-reflective, dark clothing, if you plan a nesting tour. However, turtles are considered as the important piece of Costa Rican natural fabric and protect their natural habitat. You can consider planning a turtle tour in the Tortuguero National Park.

You can see most prized wildlife in the country.

The turtles aren’t the only species you will see in Tortuguero National Park. There are jungle canals, home to the most rewarding wildlife species like caiman, monkeys, frogs, iguanas, sloths, tropical birds, jaguars, and the elusive manatee. Do remember to bring your bug spray as all the critters present in the jungle are not fluffy and cute.

Hotels in Tortuguero Costa Rica

You should think about the moisture.

After all, it’s the rainforest. Heavy makeup and hair styling don’t survive; thanks to the transformative ability of humidity. It’s better to consider a natural look. Once you step outside, you’ll succumb to the damp, rainforest charm. You need to save the space in your luggage and leave the hairdryer at home.

Apart from humidity, you’ll be surrounded by water on your vacation in Tortuguero. You should keep in mind that there are no roads and only waterways. Between the pool and the rain, you need to bring small plastic bags to keep your electronic devices safe from the unexpected sprinkle occasionally.

Hotels in Tortuguero

You should make the most out of your jungle visit.

After all, you’re in the remote rainforest and won’t have any access to some of the usual conveniences like Wi-Fi connectivity. But you will be within reach of wonderful memories. Your kids will get to see toucans in actions. In addition to, you will enjoy fresh, tropical fruits and seafood to delight your taste buds. Even, you will feel blessed being in the heart of the jungle forever.

Bottom Line –

There are so many important things you should know before planning a visit to Tortuguero. One more important thing is you should take a look at the best hotels in Tortuguero Costa Rica available at Tour Operators CR.

If you are up for the Tortuguero adventure, you should be sure to get there before the rest of the world figures out this paradise. For more details, please give us a call at +1-408-212-0995. Please share them in Tour Operators CR Facebook page and Twitter Feed!

10 Activities to Add in Costa Rica Honeymoon Packages

Just got married? If yes, congratulations! Planning for your Costa Rica honeymoon? If yes, then you’re in the right spot. Costa Rica is the perfect destination for honeymoon as it has spectacular beaches, lush jungles and plentiful adventures.

Costa Rica is adventurous and luxurious as you want. What you love about Costa Rica is that it can seem so exotic in every aspect. Here are a few things you should add to Costa Rica honeymoon packages:

hanging bridges in Monteverde

  1. Enjoy hanging bridges in Monteverde

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is the home to several hanging bridges that deserve a visit at least once in a while. When you are in Monteverde, you should consider visiting the famous Skywalk, a 984 feet hanging bridge.

Surf in Tamarindo

  1. Know how to surf in Tamarindo.

Tamarindo has some of the best surf spots in Costa Rica. You should pick up a board and catch a wave. Take a surfing lesion and know how to surf in Tamarindo.

Volcano in Arenal

  1. Zip line down a volcano in Arenal.

Buckle on your helmet and it’s time to get ready for a ride of a lifetime on your Costa Rica honeymoon. Arenal is one of the most exciting zip lines around the world. You can fly down zip line cables that reach the speed up to 60 mph and 656 feet above the ground.

Beaches in Puerto Viejo

  1. Enjoy lounging on the beaches in Puerto Viejo.

Take an exploration of new beach in Puerto Viejo daily and you should do at least once on your honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Waterfalls in La Fortuna

  1. Take a visit to the waterfalls in La Fortuna.

Located just outside of La Fortuna, there is a beautiful waterfall – La Fortuna Waterfall. If you want to get to this beautiful 230 foot cascading waterfall, you’ll need to take around 500 steps down.

La Paz Waterfall Garden

  1. Take a trip to La Paz Waterfall Garden.

Located only an hour away from San Jose, the most amazing waterfall – La Paz Waterfall is located. When you walk around the La Paz Waterfall garden, you’ll feel like you’re on the set of Jurassic Park.

Hot Springs of Arenal Volcano

  1. Soak in the hot springs of Arenal Volcano.

There are several hotels around Arenal with hot springs pool. You can take a visit to Tabacon Hot Springs and Baldi Springs there.

Arenal National Park

  1. Take a hike in Arenal National Park.

There are some of the most amazing day hikes in Arenal National Park. You should make sure that you have a licensed tour guide who knows the area very well. There, you will get an amazing spectacle and have workout sessions.

capuchin monkeys in Manuel Antonio

  1. See capuchin monkeys in Manuel Antonio.

World-renowned by Forbes magazine as one of the most beautiful parks around the world, Manuel Antonio National Park is a must when visiting Costa Rica for honeymoon. To make sure you get chances of seeing wildlife, you should plan for a Manuel Antonio National Park hiking tour. The tour guides know exactly what to look and listen for in the rainforest.

Surf Town in Dominical

  1. Check out laid-back surf town in Dominical.

The little surf town of Dominical is located to the south of Manuel Antonio. Over the years, this town has seen a bump in tourism from adventure spun reality TV shows that are hosted on its shores. Dominical offers easy breaks depending on client’s surfing needs that makes surfers coming back to this little gem in the best way as possible.

Bottom Line –

For booking Costa Rica honeymoon packages, you should look no further than Tour Operators CR. We specialize in providing Costa Rica honeymoon tours and itineraries best suiting the personal interests and requirements of honeymooners of every kind. For immediate availability, Please share them in Tour Operators CR Facebook page and Twitter Feed!

Tips to Choose Proper Travel Packages to Costa Rica

People who are heading to Costa Rica for the vacation, they should spend time to choose the ideal vacation packages. Costa Rica is a land where you can find anything to pamper yourself. Here, you can find incredible amount of diversity for any kind of tourist. The geography and the climate of Costa Rica are unmatchable. You can find rain forests to cloud forests along with Pacific and Caribbean beaches, volcanoes, islands, charming national parks and bustling Central Valley. Accumulating all these things, there is something for everyone. Here are few ideas for choosing cheap travel packages to Costa Rica.

Adventure Package

Costa Rica is blessed with various natural spots where you can easily fulfill your passion for adventure. These are including white water rafting, bungee jumping, waterfall rappelling, canopy tour, hiking to the amazing Corcovado Park, sea kayaking in the Caribbean, mountain bike tours and many more. Even if you have a budding mountaineer, here you have chance to climb Costa Rica’s highest peak Chhirripo. People those love surfing; they can also go for Witch’s Rock. Along with water sports, you have chance to dive with dolphins which is known as the most exciting part of vacation. 

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

Beach tour

Have you chosen summer for Costa Rica tour? Okay, Costa Rica beaches are right to go for. Here, summer is not so hard like other places so, you can easily soak sunlight without burning your skin. Nearly two-thirds of Costa Rica’s borders are beaches. Hence, you have plenty of chance to enjoy your time in these beaches. If you love to explore local culture, you can easily do that with the help of guides. Most of beaches are studded with world class accommodations and they will fit for you budget.  Farther South you have the raw and seemingly untouched Darke Bay in the Osa Peninsula and on the other side near Golfo Dulce you have the Pan Dulce. If you’ll go further, you have Caribbeaan Coast that beautiful Manzanillo. All these beaches are easy to access.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

Apart from these, people who love all-inclusive packages, they can easily opt for such packages those are convenience to them. In these packages, everything is taken care from transportation to lodging, food and drinks. The time to unwind and feel like you are really on a vacation is minimal; you sink into ultra-relaxation mode. Choosing Costa Rica as your next vacation destination is the right way to make that time memorable.

Enjoy Nature’s Bliss Along with a Pleasant and Memorable Stay: BookHotels in Tortuguero

One of the most well-known and admired ecotourism destinations of Costa Rica is Tortuguero. The canals, rivers, beaches and the lagoons of Tortuguero National Park are a part of study of rainforest, freshwater and marine biology. One can access the park and small town of Tortuguero only by a boat or small aircraft.

Hotels in Tortuguero

Hotels in Tortuguero

The abundant wildlife dwelling in Tortuguero includes 57 different species of amphibians, 111 species of reptiles, and 60 species of mammals. Some of the commonly found animals are fishing bats, three-toed sloths, iguanas, basilisk lizards, poison dart frogs, and howler, white-faced and spider monkeys. And on the banks of rivers and canals you can often find the tracks of river otters, collared peccaries, and Baird's tapirs. The waterways in Tortuguero are a home to crocodiles, crustaceans, and gar-fish. Jaguars, ocelots, and kinkajous can also be seen in the park but that is quite rare to experience. The major attractions of Tortuguero are the Sea Turtles which find haven in the beaches of Tortuguero. The green sea turtles lay eggs, hatch and then hundreds of tiny sea turtles leave their nests and go into the ocean to continue the cycle. And this sight is one of the most astonishing natural spectacles.

Hotels in Tortuguero

Hotels in Tortuguero

Along with that over 300 species of birds can be found over here among which the common are keel-billed toucans, slaty-tailed trogons, Montezuma oropendolas and wide range of parrots. The other species of birds that are commonly found along the canals include green and great blue herons, egrets, jacanas, sun grebes, belted kingfishers and a number of species of hawks and kites.

Hotels in Tortuguero

Hotels in Tortuguero

So if you are a true nature lover and want to experience the real bliss of nature then plan your vacations soon to Costa Rica’s ultimate rainforest i.e. Tortuguero. There are a lot of lodges and hotels in Tortuguero that offer you the best possible comfort making your stay here the most memorable and pleasant one.  Hotel Laguna Lodge, Hotel La Baula Lodge, Hotel Evergreen Lodge, Hotel Pachira Lodge are a few such names that are considered among the best hotels in Tortuguero both in terms of service quality and price.

Hotels in Tortuguero

Hotels in Tortuguero


Tour Operators CR, a renowned tour operator in Costa Rica specializes in designing, consulting and coordinating trips to Costa Rica. They partner with some of the best hotels in Tortuguero to offer you a comfortable and memorable stay here. For more details visit

Make A Trip To Costa Rica For An Unmatchable Experience

Costa Rica has become a top vacation destination for tourists around the world. This country is a paradise on earth. Here, you have plenty of things to enjoy and to experience. To provide you a luxurious experience, here you can get world class resorts those are located both Pacific and Caribbean Coasts. There are many awesome vacation packages those are tailored to meet your need.

Costa Rica All Inclusive Vacations

Choose right vacation package for Costa Rica

Most of the Costa Rica vacation travel packages normally valid for five to fourteen days. The most luxurious vacation package only cost you less than five thousand dollars per person. This pocket friendly vacation packages are also another point of attraction for the tourists. These packages are including exploring a lot of fantastic sites of Costa Rica and you’ll be eating in different Costa Rican restaurants enjoying the panoramic view as your backdrop. Delicious local foods will be served in these eateries along with the luxurious treatment.

Costa Rica All Inclusive Vacations

Costa Rica is full with lush natural sceneries including dense forest and high mountains. The list of the places will be long. However, if you want to enjoy your trip you should sign up for these places. There are several places those shouldn’t be missed by a tourist. These are including Arenal Volcano, Arenal Lake and many more. Apart from trekking to the mountains, you can also opt for cruise packages those are always ready to provide you the best experience ever. Honeymooners also prefer to cuddle with their partners at Islands of Boca Chica and Panama. These places are something those will make your Costa Rica tour really memorable.

Costa Rica All Inclusive Vacations

There is a number of Costa Rica all inclusive vacations available to opt for. To choose different packages, you can easily contact with the travel agencies. They can restructure the travel packages those will not only make a great deal but also add excitement to your trip. There are so many tailored travel packages available those are including candlelit dinner for the couple, served with the finest Costa Rican delicacies wine as you enjoy the sounds made by the wildlife creatures nearby your eateries.

Costa Rica All Inclusive Vacations

If you want to explore Costa Rica with your family, never forget to choose the family packages. These packages are including trip to several museums, cloud forests and gardens where kids would love to get acquainted with different species of butterflies, birds and reptiles. If you love nature, Costa Rica will be the best place for you. So plan today and choose the right travel package.

Know What Costa Rica has to Offer You with Various Travel Packages!

Costa Rica is an ultimate travel destination! Whether you are looking for a perfect honeymoon getaway or an ideal family vacation destination or an adventurous trip with friends, Costa Rica is the best place to rely on! Costa Rica, although a small Central American country, has all the ingredients that make any vacation fabulous. The volcanoes, beaches, rainforests and the cultural diversity leaves you yearning for more each time you visit there!

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

You can find a variety of travel packages to Costa Rica that is designed keeping your choices in mind. For an instance for adventure seekers there is adventure travel package which covers all the adventures in Costa Rica, similarly for honeymooning couples, honeymoon packages are there and so on.

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

If adventurous tour what you wish for then you must plan to visit the national parks of Costa Rica. And when talking about national parks the first one is Manuel Antonio that will charm you with its almond trees and palm groves. And you will also get an ample scope to witness wildlife at its best here. For more adventures you can spend endless hours snorkeling in the crystal waters and exploring the spectacular beaches that stretch for miles. Go for kayaking or spend a marvelous evening watching the dolphins while the sun sets in the backdrop. The next is the Tortuguero National Park where the canals will compel you to adopt a different pace and you can visit the seasonal nesting grounds of the turtles. If you seek more adrenaline rush, then go for a guided tour of the active volcanoes such as Arenal and Paos and get a lifetime experience of looking at the active crater and soak in the hot water springs for relaxation!

Travel Packages to Costa Rica

And if you wish to enjoy the nature to the fullest then Monteverde, the rain forest is your ultimate check in here. Hike through the Monteverde and closely encounter the beauty of nature and its gift to the mankind. And the picture-perfect sandy beaches be it the pristine Caribbean beaches or unspoiled beaches of the Guanacaste or the Jaco Beach, with a never ending coastline you will definitely get charmed by it!

Travel Packages to Costa Rica


Tour Operators CR offers a wide variety of travel packages to Costa Rica that includes everything from adventure to nature exploration. For more details visit

Costa Rica Tour Packages Make Touring in this Eco-friendly Country Enjoyable

Costa Rica is every nature lover’s dream. Being one of the true eco-destinations, this beautiful country offers almost unlimited wildlife viewing and much more. Whether you wish for a relaxing, all-inclusive beach vacation or a rejuvenating eco-spa experience or wildlife exploration or an adventurous experience, Costa Rica has it all! There are various Costa Rica tour packages available that cover almost everything you look for in your vacation.

Below mentioned are a few activities that make your tour in Costa Rica more cherished and memorable.

Guanacaste Adventure:

Canopying with the seven canopy ziplines through the canyon tree tops in Guanacaste is the best way to start your adventurous day. After which going for a horse ride to explore and learn about the diverse flora and fauna along the way provides you a close encounter with the nature. While enjoying the nature keep your eyes out for the active volcanoes i.e. Miravalles and Rincon de la Vieja. And to end your adventurous Guanacaste trip get lathered on a mud bath at a hot spring, then let it set in the sun and then wash yourself off in the geothermal pool and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Costa Rica Tour Packages


Costa Rica Tour Packages

Whitewater Rafting:

Battle the rapids on the Pacuare River with rafting and get your adrenaline pumping to the beat of the crashing waves. Have an enjoyable time rafting through the incredible scenery along the Talamanca mountain range that is the home to monkeys, sloths, jaguars and many extraordinary bird and reptile species. And if you are looking for a calmer Costa Rican touring experience then take a gentle ride down the Corobici River. After a few hours of ride you will be able to know more about the wildlife and ecosystem along the way.

Costa Rica Tour Packages

Costa Rica Tour Packages

Arenal Volcano:

Exploring the spectacular Arenal Volcano and the nearby Baidi hot springs is one of the most amazing things to do when you are on a Costa Rica tour. The volcano’s is about 5,500 feet high. As the crater is active since 1968, you can even witness small eruptions.

Besides these there is a lot more to do in Costa Rica. And the best way to enjoy and have a wonderful experience in the country, booking Costa Rica tour packages is always recommended!

Costa Rica Tour Packages


Tour Operators CR offers a variety of Costa Rica tour packages that include honeymoon packages, family packages, all-inclusive packages and a lot more. To know more visit

Costa Rica Honeymoon – A Perfect Honeymooning Getaway for Newly Wedded Couples!

Have you and your newly wedded wife planned your honeymoon in Costa Rica? Honeymooning in Costa Rica is another term for a refreshing romantic getaway. Costa Rica is the perfect place to start your wedded bliss! For a couple on their Costa Rica honeymoon it means more than just going on a trip but it means going to a romantic heaven.

Costa Rica Honeymoon

The honeymoon period of a couple is the time when they dedicate themselves to one another to create their first and intimate memories as well as a bond that will last a lifetime. Therefore, choosing a place that will help them to start their new life together and let them create beautiful memories is important. And Costa Rica has it all! The peaceful hotels with a natural ambiance such ashotel Monteverde Lodge & Garden and hotel Paradorthat provide you ample private time together along with all the essential amenities that you wish for that lets you sit back and relax in your partner’s company.

Costa Rica Honeymoon

Whether you desire a peaceful time with your beloved or an adventurous trip together Costa Rica will not disappoint you! If you wish to have a romantic evening all you need to do is walk on the beach and watch the sunset. And if you seek adventure then many adventurous activities such as hiking trip through the tropical humid forest, swimming at the huge swimming hole in La Fortuna waterfall, night tour – walking through the cloud forest trails surrounded by thick Monteverde jungle, Catamaran island adventureat Quepos Harbor and a lot more is waiting for you in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Honeymoon


Tour Operators CR offer Costa Rica honeymoon packages that make sure to provide you with best possible honeymooning experience in this beautiful Central American country. For booking their packages or any other query do visit

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